QBasic Top 10 Downloads

QuickBasic 4.5 EN

This download package contains all the files of the original release including all example files and demos! For a complete list of files and a short description of each file, look in PACKING.LST.txt. Loads of extensions available, especially for game development, but also for applications: Move to download section Libraries for details.

QuickBasic 7.1

Quickbasic Extended 7.1 PDS (Professional Development System) aka QBX: The last version of QuickBasic; it has a few slight improvements on QB 4.5 and alot of database commands (powerful built-in ISAM database routines) plus some extras.

Basic 2 DOSBox

This is a handy tool which copies the selected versions of BASIC (QBasic 1.1, QuickBASIC 4.5, QuickBASIC Extended 7.1 and/or Visual Basic for DOS) with just a few clicks to your hard drive and creates configuration files and shortcuts.
Requirements: DOSBox, Windows XP or higher (Tested with Windows XP and Windows 10).
For more information, refer to QBasic with DOSBox, Part 4


That will work on all newer Windows OS's (x86 and 64bit) such as Windows 7, 8 or Vista:
This package contains DOS 6.22 with pre-installed QBasic 1.1, QuickBasic 4.5,
QuickBasic Extended 7.1 and VisualBasic for DOS

Requirements (Freeware):

 1. Download and install VM Player
 2. Download and unpack MS-DOS 6.22
Start VM Player and run MS-DOS 6.22; when asked whether it was copied or moved, select moved.

Now you'll have four options:

 1. Run QBasic 1.1 (Interpreter only):
 • Simply type in: "qbasic" (always without quotes) and hit [ENTER]

 2. Run QuickBasic 4.5 (Compiler):
 • type in: "cd qb45" - [ENTER]
 • type in: "qb" - [ENTER]

 3. Run Quickbasic Extended 7.1 PDS (Professional Development System) aka QBX:
 • type in: "cd qbx\bin" - [ENTER]
 • type in: "qbx" - [ENTER]

 4. Run Visual Basic for DOS:
 • type in: "cd vbdos" - [ENTER]
 • type in: "vbdos" - [ENTER]

Download MS-DOS 6.22 now by clicking the Download Button below!

Visual Basic for DOS

Visual Basic Programming System for MS-DOS. This package comes with a number of demonstration and utility programs written in Basic. Visual Basic 1 is also available for Windows at: Windows Compiler

QuickBasic 4.5 DE

QBasic 4.5 - german version: For further information see english description above.


QBasic is an IDE and interpreter based on QuickBasic. Please note: an Interpreter translates and evaluate/run the source code immediately. In other words: QBasic cannot generate standalone executables (*.exe programs). To create *.exe files, you'll need a Compiler: look at DOS Compiler and Windows Compiler.


Rapid-Q is a GUI & CONSOLE BASIC-like (semi-OO) structured programming language but with a lot of additional features. The "Q" represents the resemblance to the language QBasic.


Visual Basic 1 for Windows: Visual Basic is a "visual programming" environment for developing Windows applications. Visual Basic makes it possible to develop complicated applications quickly, easily,and visually. Features include a drag-and-drop control toolbox, codeless UI creation, and an event-oriented programming model. Visual Basic 1 is also available for DOS at: DOS Compiler


XBasic is a clean, concise, simple, readable, powerful, and complete programming language for Windows.