QBasic 1.1: VIEW Statement


VIEW [[SCREEN] (x1!,y1!)-(x2!,y2!) [,[color%] [,border%]]]

Description / Parameter(s)

SCREEN Specifies that coordinates are relative to the screen rather than the viewport.
(x1!,y1!)-(x2!,y2!) The coordinates of diagonally opposite corners of the viewport.
color% A color attribute that sets the viewport fill color.
border% A color attribute that sets the viewport border color.
If all arguments are omitted, the entire screen is the viewport.
The available color attributes depend on your graphics adapter and the screen mode set by the most recent SCREEN statement.


'This example requires a color graphics adapter. SCREEN 1 VIEW (10, 10)-(300, 180), , 1 LOCATE 1, 11: PRINT "A big graphics viewport"; VIEW SCREEN (80, 80)-(200, 125), , 1 LOCATE 11, 11: PRINT "A small graphics viewport";