QBasic 1.1: SUB Statement


SUB name[(parameterlist)] [STATIC]

Description / Parameter(s)

name The name of the SUB procedure, up to 40 characters long, with no data type suffix.
parameterlist One or more variables that specify parameters to be passed to the SUB procedure when it is called:
variable[( )] [AS type] [, variable[( )] [AS type]]...
variableA Basic variable name.
typeThe data type of the variable (INTEGER, LONG, SINGLE, DOUBLE, STRING, or a user-defined data type).
STATIC Specifies that the values of the SUB procedure's local variables are saved between function calls.
When you call the SUB procedure, you can specify that an argument's value will not be changed by the procedure by enclosing the argument in parentheses.


' The program REMLINE.BAS illustrates calling SUB procedures. To view or ' run this program, load REMLINE.BAS using the Open command from the File ' menu.