QBasic 1.1: PRESET Statement


PRESET [STEP] (x!,y!) [,color%]
PSET [STEP] (x!,y!) [,color%]

Description / Parameter(s)

STEP Specifies that the x! and y! are expressed relative to the current graphics cursor location.
(x!,y!) The screen coordinates of the pixel to be set.
color% A color attribute that sets the pixel color. If color% is omitted, PRESET uses the current background and PSET uses the current foreground color.
Available color attributes depend on your graphics adapter and screen mode. Coordinate values depend on the graphics adapter, screen mode, and most recent VIEW and WINDOW statements.


'This example requires a color graphics adapter. SCREEN 1 FOR i% = 0 TO 320 PSET (i%, 100) FOR delay% = 1 TO 100: NEXT delay% PRESET (i%, 100) NEXT i%