QBasic 1.1: PLAY (Music) Statement


PLAY commandstring$

Description / Parameter(s)

commandstring$ A string expression that contains one or more of the following PLAY commands:
Octave and tone commands:
 Ooctave    Sets the current octave (0 - 6).
 < or >     Moves up or down one octave.
 A - G      Plays the specified note in the current octave.
 Nnote      Plays a specified note (0 - 84) in the seven-octave
            range (0 is a rest).

Duration and tempo commands:
 Llength    Sets the length of each note (1 - 64). L1 is whole note,
            L2 is a half note, etc.
 ML         Sets music legato.
 MN         Sets music normal.
 MS         Sets music staccato.
 Ppause     Specifies a pause (1 - 64). P1 is a whole-note pause,
            P2 is a half-note pause, etc.
 Ttempo     Sets the tempo in quarter notes per minute (32 - 255).

Mode commands:
 MF          Plays music in foreground.
 MB          Plays music in background.

Suffix commands:
 # or +      Turns preceding note into a sharp.
 -           Turns preceding note into a flat.
 .           Plays the preceding note 3/2 as long as specified.
To execute a PLAY command substring from a PLAY command string, use the "X" command:
PLAY "X"+ VARPTR$(commandstring$)


'Play scale in 7 different octaves scale$ = "CDEFGAB" PLAY "L16" FOR i% = 0 TO 6 PLAY "O" + STR$(i%) PLAY "X" + VARPTR$(scale$) NEXT i%