QBasic 1.1: PALETTE USING Statement


PALETTE [attribute%,color&]
PALETTE USING arrayname#[(index%)]

Description / Parameter(s)

attribute% The color attribute to change.
color& A color value to assign to an attribute.
arrayname# An array of color values to assign to the current screen mode's set of attributes. The array must be large enough to assign colors to all the attributes.
index% The index of the first array element to assign to an attribute.
The available color attributes and values depend on your graphics adapter and the screen mode set by the most recent SCREEN statement.


'This example requires a color graphics adapter. PALETTE 0, 1 SCREEN 1 FOR i% = 0 TO 3: a%(i%) = i%: NEXT i% LINE (138, 35)-(288, 165), 3, BF LINE (20, 10)-(160, 100), 2, BF DO FOR i% = 0 TO 3 a%(i%) = (a%(i%) + 1) MOD 16 NEXT i% PALETTE USING a%(0) LOOP WHILE INKEY$ = ""