QBasic 1.1: PAINT Statement


PAINT [STEP] (x!,y!)[,[{color% | tile$}] [,[bordercolor%] [,background$]]]

Description / Parameter(s)

STEP Specifies that coordinates are relative to the current graphics cursor position.
(x!,y!) The screen coordinates where painting begins.
color% A color attribute that sets the fill color.
tile$ A fill pattern that is 8 bits wide and up to 64 bytes long, defined as follows:

 tile$ = CHR$(arg1) + CHR$(arg2) + ... + CHR$(argn%)

The arguments to CHR$ are numbers between 0 and 255. Each CHR$(argn%) defines a 1-byte, 8-pixel slice of the pattern based on the binary form of the number.
bordercolor% A color attribute that specifies the color of the filled area's border. PAINT stops filling an area when it encounters a border of the specified color.
background$ A 1-byte, 8-pixel background tile slice. Specifying a background tile slice allows you to paint over an area that has already been painted.
The available color attributes depend on your graphics adapter and the screen mode set by the most recent SCREEN statement.


'This example requires a color graphics adapter. SCREEN 1 CIRCLE (106, 100), 75, 1 LINE (138, 35)-(288, 165), 1, B PAINT (160, 100), 2, 1