QBasic 1.1: OPEN Statement


OPEN file$ [FOR mode] [ACCESS access] [lock] AS [#]filenumber% [LEN=reclen%]

Description / Parameter(s)

file$ The name of the file or device. The file name may include a drive and path.
mode One of the following file modes: APPEND, BINARY, INPUT, OUTPUT, or RANDOM. See OPEN Statement File Modes.
access In network environments, specifies whether the file is opened for READ, WRITE, or READ WRITE access. See OPEN Statement ACCESS Clause.
lock Specifies the file locking in network environments: SHARED, LOCK READ, LOCK WRITE, LOCK READ WRITE.
filenumber% A number in the range 1 through 255 that identifies the file while it is open.
reclen% For random-access files, the record length (default is 128 bytes). For sequential files, the number of characters buffered (default is 512 bytes).


INPUT "Enter Filename: "; n$ OPEN n$ FOR OUTPUT AS #1 PRINT #1, "This is saved to the file." CLOSE OPEN n$ FOR INPUT AS #1 INPUT #1, a$ PRINT "Read from file: "; a$ CLOSE