QBasic 1.1: OPEN (Alternate Syntax) Statement


OPEN mode2$,[#]filenum%,file$[,reclen%]

Description / Parameter(s)

mode2$ A string expression that begins with one of the following characters and specifies the file mode:
OSequential output mode.
ISequential input mode.
RRandom-access file input/output mode.
BBinary-file mode.
ASequential output mode. Sets the file pointer to the end of the file and the record number to the last record of the file. A PRINT # or WRITE # statement extends (appends to) the file.
filenum% A number in the range 1 through 255 that identifies the file while it is open.
file$ The name of the file (may include drive and path).
reclen% For random-access files, the record length in bytes. For sequential files, the number of characters buffered.
QBasic supports this syntax for compatibility with programs written in earlier versions of BASIC.