QBasic 1.1: LPRINT Statement


PRINT [#filenumber%,] [expressionlist] [{; | ,}]
LPRINT [expressionlist] [{; | ,}]

Description / Parameter(s)

filenumber% The number of an open file. If you don't specify a file number, PRINT writes to the screen.
expressionlist A list of one or more numeric or string expressions to print.
{; | ,} Determines where the next output begins:
 ;  means print immediately after the last value.
 ,  means print at the start of the next print zone.
  Print zones are 14 characters wide.


OPEN "TEST.DAT" FOR OUTPUT AS #1 PRINT #1, USING "##.### "; 12.12345 CLOSE OPEN "TEST.DAT" FOR INPUT AS #1 INPUT #1, a$ PRINT a$ LPRINT "This is a line"; 1 LPRINT "This is a line", LPRINT 2