QBasic 1.1: LINE (Graphics) Statement


LINE [[STEP](x1!,y1!)]-[STEP](x2!,y2!) [,[color%] [,[B | BF] [,style%]]]

Description / Parameter(s)

STEP Specifies that coordinates are relative to the current graphics cursor position.
The screen coordinates of the start of the line and of the end of the line.
color% A color attribute that sets the color of the line or rectangle. The available color attributes depend on your graphics adapter and the screen mode set by the most recent SCREEN statement.
B Draws a rectangle instead of a line.
BF Draws a filled box.
style% A 16-bit value whose bits set whether or not pixels are drawn. Use to draw dashed or dotted lines.


'This example requires a color graphics adapter. SCREEN 1 LINE (110, 70)-(190, 120), , B LINE (0, 0)-(320, 200), 3, , &HFF00