QBasic 1.1: INPUT Statement


INPUT [;] ["prompt"{; | ,}] variablelist
LINE INPUT [;] ["prompt";] variable$
INPUT #filenumber%, variablelist
LINE INPUT #filenumber%, variable$

Description / Parameter(s)

prompt An optional literal string that is displayed before the user enters data. A semicolon after prompt appends a question mark to the prompt string.
variablelist One or more variables, separated by commas, in which data entered from the keyboard or read from a file is stored. Variable names can consist of up to 40 characters and must begin with a letter. Valid characters are A-Z, 0-9, and period (.).
variable$ Holds a line of characters entered from the keyboard or read from a file.
filenumber% The number of an open file.
INPUT uses a comma as a separator between entries. LINE INPUT reads all characters up to a carriage return.
For keyboard input, a semicolon immediately after INPUT keeps the cursor on the same line after the user presses the Enter key.


CLS OPEN "LIST" FOR OUTPUT AS #1 DO INPUT " NAME: ", Name$ 'Read entries from the keyboard. INPUT " AGE: ", Age$ WRITE #1, Name$, Age$ INPUT "Add another entry"; R$ LOOP WHILE UCASE$(R$) = "Y" CLOSE #1 'Echo the file back. OPEN "LIST" FOR INPUT AS #1 CLS PRINT "Entries in file:": PRINT DO WHILE NOT EOF(1) LINE INPUT #1, REC$ 'Read entries from the file. PRINT REC$ 'Print the entries on the screen. LOOP CLOSE #1 KILL "LIST"