QBasic 1.1: DEFSTR Statement


DEFINT letterrange [,letterrange]...
DEFLNG letterrange [,letterrange]...
DEFSNG letterrange [,letterrange]...
DEFDBL letterrange [,letterrange]...
DEFSTR letterrange [,letterrange]...

Description / Parameter(s)

letterrange A letter or range of letters (such as A-M). QBasic sets the default data type for variables, DEF FN functions, and FUNCTION procedures whose names begin with the specified letter or letters as follows:
Statement Default Data Type
DEFINT Integer
DEFLNG Long integer
DEFSNG Single precision
DEFDBL Double precision
A data-type suffix (%, &, !, #, or $) always takes precedence over a DEFtype statement.
Single-precision is the default data type if you do not specify a DEFtype statement.
After you specify a DEFtype statement in your program, QBasic automatically inserts a corresponding DEFtype statement in each procedure you create.


DEFDBL A-Z a = SQR(3) PRINT "Square root of 3 = "; a