QBasic 1.1: COLOR Statement


COLOR [foreground%] [,[background%] [,border%]] Screen mode 0 (text only)
COLOR [background%] [,palette%] Screen mode 1
COLOR [foreground%] Screen modes 4, 12, 13
COLOR [foreground%] [,background&] Screen modes 7-10

Description / Parameter(s)

A number that sets the foreground screen color. In screen mode 0, foreground% is a color attribute that sets the text color. In other screen modes, foreground% a color attribute or 4-bit color value (screen mode 4 only) that sets the text and line-drawing color.
A number that sets the background screen color. In screen mode 0, background% is a color attribute. In screen mode 1, background% is a 4-bit color value. In screen modes 7-10, background& is a color value.
border% A color attribute that sets the screen border color.
palette% A number (0 or 1) that specifies which of two sets of color attributes to use:
palette% Attribute 1 Attribute 2 Attribute 3
0 Green Red Brown
1 Cyan Magenta Bright white
The available color attributes and values depend on your graphics adapter and the screen mode set by the most recent SCREEN statement.
If your system is equipped with an EGA, VGA, or MCGA adapter, use the PALETTE statement to change the color assignments of color attributes.


'This example requires a color graphics adapter. SCREEN 7 FOR i% = 0 TO 15 COLOR i% PRINT i% NEXT i%