QBasic 1.1: POS Function


LOCATE [row%] [,[column%] [,[cursor%] [,start% [,stop%]]]]

Description / Parameter(s)

row% and column% The number of the row and column to which the cursor moves.
cursor% Specifies whether the cursor is visible: 0 = invisible, 1 = visible
start% and stop% Integer expressions in the range 0 through 31 that specify the first and last cursor scan lines. You can change the cursor size by changing the cursor scan lines.
expression Any expression.


CLS LOCATE 5, 5 MyRow% = CSRLIN MyCol% = POS(0) PRINT "Position 1 (Press any key)" DO LOOP WHILE INKEY$ = "" LOCATE (MyRow% + 2), (MyCol% + 2) PRINT "Position 2"