QBasic 1.1: CVSMBF Function


CVSMBF (4-byte-numeric-string)
CVDMBF (8-byte-numeric-string)

Description / Parameter(s)

Function Returns
MKSMBF$ A 4-byte string containing a Microsoft-Binary-format number
MKDMBF$ An 8-byte string containing a Microsoft-Binary-format number
CVSMBF A single-precision number in IEEE format
CVDMBF A double-precision number in IEEE format
These functions are useful for maintaining data files created with older versions of Basic.


TYPE Buffer SngNum AS STRING * 4 DblNum AS STRING * 8 END TYPE DIM RecBuffer AS Buffer OPEN "TESTDAT.DAT" FOR RANDOM AS #1 LEN = 12 SNum = 98.9 DNum = 645.3235622# RecBuffer.SngNum = MKSMBF$(SNum) RecBuffer.DblNum = MKDMBF$(DNum) PUT #1, 1, RecBuffer GET #1, 1, RecBuffer CLOSE #1 PRINT CVSMBF(RecBuffer.SngNum), CVDMBF(RecBuffer.DblNum)