QBasic and VB-DOS Syntax Conventions

KEYWORDSItems in capital letters indicate BASIC keywords. Keywords are a required part of the statement syntax, unless they are enclosed in brackets. You must spell keywords correctly.
placeholdersItems in lowercase are placeholders for information you must supply in the statement, such as a filename.
[optional item]Items inside square brackets do not need to be used in the statement.
{choice1 | choice2}Braces and a vertical bar indicate a choice between two or more items. You must use one of the items in the statement unless the braces are enclosed in square brackets.
IMPORTANT:The uppercase and lowercase syntax notation conventions are used to help you read the syntax rules for a statement, and are NOT capitalization rules you must type in.
One other notation convention that is used is the three-dot ellipsis:
item, item, . . .Means more of the preceding items can be used in a single-line statement.
beginning KEYWORD
ending KEYWORD
used to describe multi-line statements (or block-structured statements). Means that other statements can be used between the beginning and the end of the block.