QBasic Tutorials: QBasic with DOSBox - Part 3

Part 3 - Custom Config Files and Shortcuts

First, we should create two new folders once again: _conf for the configuration files and _shortcuts for the shortcuts (Fig. 6.1).

[Fig. 6.1: Directories]

Open Notepad or another text editor and paste the following lines into the blank document:

The first two lines are optional, as well as the last one.
fullscreen is self explanatory; EXIT means that DOSBox will be terminated after closing QuickBasic.
Now save that file as C:\oldDOS\_conf\QB45.conf and exit the editor.

In Windows Explorer, open the shortcut folder and right click on an empty spot within the area highlighted in red (Fig. 7.1),
then click on New > Shortcut (Fig. 7.2).

[Fig. 7.1 - 7.2: Creating Shortcuts]

Copy the following line into the input field (Fig. 8.1), then click Next.
(The -noconsole parameter is optional, the path after -conf refers to the config file created previously)

Type in the name you would like for the shortcut (e.g. QB45), and click on Finish (Fig. 8.2).
Finally you can launch QBasic by double-clicking the shortcut icon (Fig. 8.3).

[Fig. 8.1 - 8.3: Shortcut Wizard]

We have now reached the end of this tutorial.
For more information about the DOSBox configuration, see the Readme file available in the DOSBox Documentation folder.
Among other things it describes, how to control the sound output, or which keyboard shortcuts are available.

For questions or suggestions regarding QBasic within DOSBox, please visit this thread: QuickBasic on Windows 7 with DOSBox

 Addendum: Part 4 has been subsequently added: A useful Tool - BASIC 2 DOSBox. Please read on!