QBasic Tutorials: QBasic with DOSBox - Part 1

Part 1 - Installation Instructions

First of all, you should create a folder to organize all your DOSBox stuff:
C:\oldDOS (all suggested directory names and paths can of course be customized individually)

After downloading, install DOSBox to C:\oldDOS\DOSBox
Download and extract QuickBASIC 4.5 into a new subdirectory: C:\oldDOS\QB45

Your directory structure should now look like this (click images to enlarge):

[Fig. 1.1 - 1.3: Directories]

Once DOSBox has been launched, the welcome screen should appear as shown in Fig. 2.1.
Next, the QuickBASIC directory has to be connected to DOSBox using the MOUNT command
(don't forget to hit [ENTER] at the end of each line):

Type in  mount C C:\oldDOS\QB45  

Next step is to change to drive C. Simply type  C:   (Fig. 2.2)

The next step is not essential, it's merely to check whether we are actually in the appropriate directory.

Type  dir  , then press

Now the directory listing should be displayed as shown in Figure 2.3.

[Fig. 2.1 - 2.3: DOS Screens]

Finally, we need to launch QuickBasic 4.5 (which is the QB.EXE File)

To do this, we only need to type in  qb  and confirm with

VoilĂ  - it's done!

Fig. 2.4
[Fig. 2.4: QuickBASIC 4.5]

 Part 2 demonstrates how to start QuickBasic within DOSBox more easily.