My QBasic Projects - Games and Tools coded with QBasic


Pipeline puzzle game - the very first release (one-level demo).

Version 1.0 (screen res. 640*480) 20 levels, sound effects, hiscore list etc.

TubeMaster v1.1

Pipeline puzzle game - your goal is to create a pipeline from the top left to the faucet before time runs out. Featuring ten stages, five different speed levels, MIDI music, WAVE sound effects, and a highscore table.


Font Generator

Creating/editing fonts for use with SVGA-Lib from Zephyr Software.

Free Lilly!

Free Lilly !

Delete all tiles and free the girl behind the colored wall. Click on tiles of the same color, which stand closely together. Remaining tiles may fall into the free space.


'Free Lilly' for Windows 95-98-NT-2K-XP - coded with Rapid-Q!



Card game (Solitaire) - Freecell clone.