Music and Sound Libraries for QBasic 4.5, QBasic 7.1 and VBDOS

BWSB is a digital sound and music programming library for use in games, demos, intros, etc. All music and sound effects are played in the background, allowing your program to do anything it likes while the sound and music is playing. BWSB uses a seamless interface to support different sound devices through the use of runtime loadable music & sound engines, so adding support for many different sound cards in your programs is no problem at all.

DS4QB2 is a VisualBasic slave that allows a DOS program to communicate with Windows sound resources - specifically DirectSound. The result of this is that QBasic programmers, or anyone programming in a DOS language, now has a fast, easy, and efficient way to play MODs, MP3s, and WAVs, and to access the capabilities of 3D Audio and Sound Blaster Live Environmental Audio Extensions.