QBasic Strategy Games, Maze Games, Puzzle Games (Q-Z)

Find your way through a series of mazes - 18 levels.

Text-based simulation similar to 'Sim City 2000'. Featuring almost the same functions as other 'Sim City' games.

Your goal is to destroy all bricks by walking over them - comes with 30 levels, level editor and a hi-score table.

Cool Tetris clone.

Your goal is to collect all hearts in each level - comes with 10 levels and Sound Blaster effects.


Pipeline puzzle game - your goal is to create a pipeline from the top left to the faucet before time runs out. Featuring ten stages, five different speed levels, MIDI music, WAVE sound effects, and a highscore table.


Maze game similar to 'Enigma' - find a way to the hidden door in a series of mazes.