QBasic Strategy Games, Maze Games, Puzzle Games (Q-Z)

In this game you are a metallic sphere that must find his way through a series of mazes (18 levels). But there's a twist. When you move him he keeps going in that direction until he hits the goal or a wall.
Press ESC at any time in the game and you will exit. You can adjust how fast the ball moves across the screen by using the arrow keys at the menu screen. Pressing the left arrow key makes the number lower and the ball faster and vice versa Once you're playing the game use the arrow keys to navigate around the maze.

'Sim City 2002' is simulation game; its main target is to build a large city with only good things in it. The game may not include any graphics but you still can build a city using words only. The city can keep up to 2,000,000 sims.
You are the mayor and the sims are your people who live in your city. So start building your city!

Text-based simulation game, similar to 'Sim City 2000', featuring almost the same functions as other 'Sim City' games.


Superbricks is a strategic game where you have to clear all stones in each level. You do this by walking over the stones. Use the arrow keys to move, space to jump, enter to select and the ESC key to abort. When you want to save a screenshot from the game then press F10 when you are playing a level.

Your goal is to destroy all bricks by walking over them - comes with 30 levels, level editor and a hiscore table.

Cool Tetris clone.

Your goal is to collect all hearts in each level - comes with 10 levels and Sound Blaster effects.

TubeMaster v1.1

Pipeline puzzle game - your goal is to create a pipeline from the top left to the faucet before time runs out. Featuring ten stages, five different speed levels, MIDI music, WAVE sound effects, and a highscore table.


Maze game similar to 'Enigma' - find a way to the hidden door in a series of mazes.