QBasic Strategy Games, Sokoban and Tetris Clones, Puzzle Games (E-P)

Free Lilly !

Delete all tiles and free the girl behind the colored wall. Click on tiles of the same color, which stand closely together. Remaining tiles may fall into the free space.


Card game (Solitaire) - Freecell clone.

A game similar to Tetris.


'QBasic Gorillas' is the legendary turn-based strategy game supplied with the first QBasic version. The game in which you take on the role of a giant gorilla is very easy to use: you have to adjust the angle and velocity of each throw, hoping to hit your opponent (controlled by the computer or a human player) with an exploding banana. Despite these simple conditions, the game is not as easy as it seems. Two difficulties have to be considered: the blowing wind and the skyscrapers on the monitor. If strength and direction are not sufficiently taken into account when throwing bananas, you'll never be able to hit the opponent gorilla. Once the banana touches a building, it will explode on contact. The 'explosive bananas' just offer a small strategic flexibility: either try to throw the banana over the skyscrapers, or you can try to explode your way through the buildings to kill your opponent.

This ZIP file contains the compiled program (gorilla.exe) as well as the source code (gorilla.bas).


Unique maze game with 20 levels, MIDI background music, and a level editor.


Try to destroy your opponent's castle (2 Player mode) - similar to 'Gorillas'.

Tetris clone with annoying background graphics.

Pizzeria simulation.

Yet another Sokoban clone: comes with five levels and an inbuilt level editor.

Nice puzzle game (with background MIDI music) - get the numbers in order, facing the correct direction.


Move colored blocks to their original positions.