QBasic Strategy Games, Card Games, Adventures (4-D)

Ants:The Exodus v1.0

An interesting single player strategy game: take control of a tactical ant drone and lead a party of princess ants through a maze of tunnels to the level exit by placing arrows, killing enemies and moving bricks. There are a total of 25 levels, arranged in increasing difficulty. Comes with a level editor called MapMaker.


A game of weapons and destruction that relies upon the properties of physics as well as your skill. There can be up to 4 players on up to 4 teams playing at one time. Each player controls a tank that is equiped with various weapons. Set the amount of ammo for each of these devices in the configuration. Also use the configuration to set the amount of health you start with, player names, teams, control keys, and other options.


Interesting Sokoban clone: control little Zenmar and save all the Puddlings.

Card Games - Black Jack, Poker, Eric's Eight.

Nice conversion of the classical Checkers board game - comes with WAVE sound, mouse support, one and two player mode, and many options. Selecting a computer difficulty really doesn't matter, because the computer will always move randomly.

ASCII-based graphic adventure game with 6 levels. Use the sword, shoot arrows or cast spells to eliminate enemies on your way to complete each level.

Sequel to Dark Woods including 11 new levels and the option to make/play custom levels.

Dark Woods 2 Graphical Remake is a strategy game based on Jocke's 'Dark Woods 2' featuring night/day modes, weather effects, highscore table, and even more ...


The goal is to collect all diamonds in each level. Great Sound Blaster effects, 50 levels, 640x480 resolution.