QBasic Role Playing Games (RPG)

Elysian Fields

A 'Final Fantasy' style RPG: there are various missions in this game. Through these missions, you will encounter many monsters. Use your weapons, magics, and items to defeat the evil monsters. You will also get other characters on your team who will help you to defeat the Centurians (and hopefully you will find the secret character).


A game where you play a Bingo addict elderly woman and control her - Text Adventure.

Shadow of Power - german version.


A tile based RPG, inspired by Tolkien.


Yet another RPG.

Outstanding ZELDA style Role Playing Game - probably Qbasic's most popular RPG: "On the day that Holger decided to help the crying girl and wanted to become a hero his story started. His life changed forever. There was no turning back: The man with the golden armor, the box; strange things had found a way into his life, things he was not able to control. But Holger had the feeling that it was not only him who changed... The people around him seemed to be anxious. A shadow seemed to lie over his home land, a mighty shadow that dreaded to impinge everything that dared to try to stop him."

An RPG set far into the future after a nuclear apocalypse which threw the world back into the middle ages. The plot centers around four main characters, known as "The Archaeologists" in their fight against an evil king who has discovered the powerful weapons of the ancients.


An RPG based on Tolkien's novels.