QBasic Games - Action (R-X): Tron Clones, Space Shooters

Addictive platform game - kill the Blobs and finally defeat the Mother Blob. Featuring Sound Blaster effects and Load/Save options.


Cool platform game with seven levels plus end level.


A fast-paced space combat game with different crafts and zooming graphics featuring Sound Blaster effects.

In 'Super Sumo Wrestling', there are more than just fat guys competing to become the coveted "Yokozuna" (or the best sumo wrestler). You can also kick, bite, headbutt, or whatever else you want. Comes with One and Two Player Mode plus special Boss Mode. Has many options (sound on/off, time mode, and cheats, etc.)

When the game opens up, you are shown the main menu. Here you choose the type of game you wish to play. All you have to do is hit the up/down arrows and enter to select a choice. Here is a list of the options in the main menu:
Here you are put to the ultimate test. You must battle your way through fifteen harsh rounds of intense action. If you are ranked #1 you fight against the yokozuna of the tournament you are in. After winning a tournament and beating the yokozuna, you will be allowed to proceed to the next tournament. After completing all three of the tournaments for one character, you will unleash a new character.
When you begin flashing white, this means you have a special move. You just hit the numbers 1 through 6 to choose which special move you will use. When the other sumo becomes green and doesn't move, it means he is in shock. This makes he ran out of stamina and is recharging (so hit him with all you got).
Here you fight one round against a random computer character. Learn the skills and techniques you need to become the master of this game.
This puts you and a friend against each other in a single match to compete for bragging rights.
Boss Mode
This mode is only available is you have unleashed everyone. Play through it and see what you get...

The Hunt

Mini action game: you take control of Malcolm Rhodes, an Ex-Army Driver who has been falsly convicted of murder. Malcolm has managed to steal the judge's car, and the game begins in a high speed pursuit as he makes a desperate attempt to evade capture. On his journey, Malcom will be chased by police cars, intercepted at roadblocks, struggle to avoid hitting regular drivers and pherhaps even come face to face with an army tank...
There are three difficulty modes which can be selected at the title screen. Normal is the difficulty of the beta version. Easy has less traffic, and is one frame slower than normal, whereas Pro is the same as normal only one frame quicker. I recommend that you try to play the game on Normal - This type of action game can't be finished on your first go, and you're naturally going to crash a few times. Don't be discuraged - just try again and remember your mistakes.

Nice TRON clone with one and two player mode. The objective is to outlast your opponent by outmaneuvering him/her and being the last to hit an obstacle. Obstacles include the boundaries of the battlegrounds and your opponents track.

Famous TRON clone - up to four players/teams (human or computer) featuring many options and special weapons.


Cool 3D vector graphics shooter - blast out the blue targets to beat the level. Comes with Sound Blaster music and sound effects.


Excellent 3D platform fighting game!

Wetspot II

You control a small crab and your target is to kill every monster on the current level. Since you have no weapons to accomplish your job you must use the same bricks that forms the walls of the level you are into. How? Simple. Just go towards a brick and push the fire button; the brick in front of you will begin moving in that direction, and will stop its run only when it hits another brick. Needless to say, if one of this bricks runs over an enemy, that enemy dies, and the same happens for the players. If you push a brick while another brick is on the other side (i.e. the brick you're pushing can't move), the first will be destroyed, maybe releasing a hidden bonus. Not all bricks can be moved or destroyed; usually moveable blocks (which can be destroyed) can be easily recognized from the fixed blocks (which cannot be destroyed), but sometimes you'll have to find it by yourself. There are a lot of hidden bonuses, from the simple score bonus to the extra life, as well as special objects with particular effects. The letters for example: there are 5 letters that form the word 'BONUS', and once you've got them all, you gain a life. Try them out!

Once an enemy dies, it releases an extra bonus; when all the enemies are gone, you pass the level. WetSpot worlds are made of areas (the standard world contains 10 areas for example), and each of them contains 5 levels with the same graphics and the same music. When you complete an area, a password is given, allowing you to continue the game from the first level of the new area, without having to complete the previous levels. Passwords can be inserted with the INSERT PASSWORD option of the game main menu.

The best feature of WetSpot 2 (W2 for short) remains the two players mode. Player one controls the red crab, and player two the blue crab; they act simultaneously on the same level, and believe me, this is really fun. If you know WetSpot, you should know that when one of the two players died, the level had to start again from the beginning, and when a player lost his last life, the game was stopped and the "game over" message came out. How many times have you hated this system, when your friend died and you had to end the game with him? Well, forget it! WetSpot 2 finally has a decent two players mode! When a player dies, the other can continue playing, and he (if other lives are available) appears again when the other ends the level or dies.

WetSpot features colorful 320x200 256 color graphics, one or two players, seven enemies with different AI, tons of bonuses, MIDI music, digital sound effects and 50 levels. This package contains a level editor.


Asteroids like space shooter with nine levels, lots of weapons, a training mode, powerups, Sound Blaster effects, and multiplayer option.