QBasic Games - Action (H-Q): Helicopter Flight Simulation, Pacman Clones

Great Pacman clone - comes with excellent graphics and sound effects and many features.


Try to cross the highway - for two players.

Try to shoot away all moving thingies - difficult.

Jill the Goddess

Great platform game with neat GFX, Sound Blaster effects and music.

Jolt Fusion 2000

This is the Qbasic Scource Version of Jolt Fusion 2000, an O.K. platform game. Best way to start up this program is to type JF, then hit [Enter]. Use the Configure Section in the Main Menu to enable Joystick or Soundcard support.


Nice maze game.


Very similar to the gameplay in games like DOOM or Quake. The basic idea is to kill everyone who moves, including those who are smart enough to stay still. Probably the best 3D-shooter ever made with QBasic!

To complete a level, find a red button (mounted on the dark olive techy looking wall, with EXIT reading atop) and press space. You will see Quake-styled exit scene and after you press space once again, you will be directed to the next level. Some levels have buttons in them. An unactivated button can be noticed by glowing red light (with chromed bevelling, shaped as hexagon or triangle) on the wall. If you walk near the button and press space the button will be activated and eventually become green. One wall tile is moved away from your route revealing new passages. Some buttons are necessary to complete levels, some reveal secret areas. All buttons can be found on orange factory walls, gray metal walls or white tech walls. Buttons are often in well-lit areas, sometimes heavily guarded. Some levels have elevators which transport you from your floor to another. They can be found easily because of their distinct looking white pair of doors and metallic interior with elevator handrails and KONE register plates. Elevators can be activated very similar way to buttons. Once you have pressed the button, the doors will close and you will be in the elevator for about seventeen seconds. (If you have music toggled, the elevator travel music will play...) Some elevators are necessary to use, but most transport you to the area that contains vast amount of bonus items. Be aware that the facility has vast amount of barrels and containers that contain irradiated and volatile materials such as hydrogen fuel used to run facility's power cells. If any of these containers get hit, there's a risk that they may combust. You can use them against your enemies, or you might be blown up yourself.

Addictive Pacman clone - you have to eat all the fruits or whatever appears on the screen. Comes with 11 stages and Sound Blaster music.

In this platformer you have to jump over lava, avoid enemies, collecting coins and find the end coin to beat a level. 640*350 screen resolution, 3 levels and a "Save Game" option.

Cool platform game - music and sound effects, great graphics, but only one level.


Helicopter flight simulation - (with perfect 3D engine): radioactive contaminated citizens of Los Alamos are trying to escape to inform the press. Shoot'em!


This demo is a clone of the popular Dragonball Z fighting games - two player mode, one character.


The game play is quite simple: just walk around to collect the diamonds, but stay away from the bad guys. The diamond counter at the center on the top edge indicates how much gems have to be collected. Once the counter reaches zero, jump into a transporter-diamond and move to the next level. There are 10 levels. At the final level, the diamond counter starts at zero and increases with every gem you are collecting. Pressing space bar will shoot a diamond about four spaces in the direction you are standing - you have to get pretty close to the monsters to kill them!