QBasic Games - Action (A-G): Platformers, Racing

Ahib el Mushman II - Building Trouble

After defeating Lakum the first time, Ahib has been a bit careless about his oil fields. What he didn't see, was, that an army of Lakum's people has built a bunch of derricks in order to steal his oil again.
Can you help Ahib destroy those derricks in order to save his fields and get his oil back? This time Ahib's armed with bombs, and there's no mercy for whoever might be on that derrick, Ahib will blow up.
What you have got to do in this game, is to blow up every platform's connection point in order to destroy a derrick. Those connection points hold the platforms together, and when you destroy them all, the derrick is history.

Platform game with 100 levels - 5 unique and 95 randomized levels.


You start off at level 1. You have to destroy all the blocks except the metallic yellow ones. Each block has a corresponding score.
Every tenth Level is a boss stage. There are no blocks to destroy in these stages. You have to kill the boss to progress to the next stage. But beware of those black holes. They spew unlimited number of insects to you (2 at a time). Once you hit an insect, your ball increases its speed to make the game harder. You kill bosses by hitting them with your ball.
There's also bonus stages at levels 5,15,25...45. Spikes are disabled here so you don't die. You finish these levels by destroying the bombs before the time runs out. The bombs you destroy will be multiplied by 2000 and added to your score. If you destroy all of the bombs before the 60 second time limit expires, you will get an additional 20,000 for a special bonus!
Beat all the levels and bosses up to level 50 and you'll see the ending!

Arkanoid clone - comes with cheats menu, PC Speaker sound effects and an inbuilt level editor.


Nice demo of a Bomberman clone - missing a 'single player' mode. Comes with MIDI background music and WAVE sound effects. There are three options to run the game: To run it WITH background music, execute the bomberzone.bat file. To run the game WITHOUT background music, execute the bomber.exe file. If you're having memory problems, try to run nosound.bat.


O.K. Breakout clone.

Commander Pang

Nice ball-shooter featuring two game modes (One Player Mode and Panic Mode) and comes with MIDI background music. How to install: Unzip all files and execute SETUP.EXE or SETUP.BAS.


Control a helicopter and drop bombs on the vehicles.


Nice space shooter. This game is a mixture of Asteroids, Elite and Lander featuring Sound Blaster effects.


You have to find the way out of a futuristic prison. Comes with Sound Blaster effects and level editor.


This snake-type game includes 7 progressively harder animated levels and creates a readme file and high score list when first run.

Collect as many frogs as possible.

Ghini Run

Fill up the tank, buff the bodywork to a chromium shine and hear that V12 purrr like a kitten. It's time once again for the SHOTGUN RUN - an illegal race across several demanding courses, where every twist and turn of the track will test your nerve, not to mention suspension! Through the sun-kissed beaches of Bluewater, floor-it past the ancient castle ruins with bearly a moment to admire the scenery before screaming through the streets of St. George, after sundown. Head south past the sub-tropical lagoons, whilst trying to keep your supercar from becoming a permanent fixture of the landscape! Only the hardened drivers continue past this point, ascending the dangerous road through the Azure Falls, where the sane finish at Bow Bridge. Only the insane and the fearless head onward to the wild, blizzard-lashed mountains for the final, ultimate prize ...

Nice racing game - good game engine. Comes with sound effects and many options.