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Freeware Compiler: Rapid-Q, XBasic and VisualBasic 1 for Windows.

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Top10 Downloads
QBasic 4.5 EN 130689
QBasic 7.1 69405
Visual Basic for DOS 24270
MS DOS 6.22 22670
QBasic 4.5 DE 21790
QBasic 1.1 EN 16207
Rapid-Q 13979
Visual Basic 1 11359
XBasic 9805
Beginners 4882
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  • Rapid-Q

  • by Author:
  • William Yu
  Rapid-Q is a GUI & CONSOLE BASIC-like (semi-OO) structured programming language but with a lot of additional features. The "Q" represents the resemblance to the language QBasic.  
  • Visual Basic 1

  • by Author:
  • Microsoft
  Visual Basic 1 for Windows: Visual Basic is a "visual programming" environment for developing Windows applications. Visual Basic makes it possible to develop complicated applications quickly, easily,and visually. Features include a drag-and-drop control toolbox, codeless UI creation, and an event-oriented programming model. Visual Basic 1 is also available for DOS at: DOS Compiler  
  • XBasic

  • by Author:
  • Max Reason
  XBasic is a clean, concise, simple, readable, powerful, and complete programming language for Windows.  



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