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QBasic v1.1 Interpreter english version, also available in german.

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QBasic 4.5 EN 130870
QBasic 7.1 69509
Visual Basic for DOS 24306
MS DOS 6.22 22756
QBasic 4.5 DE 21802
QBasic 1.1 EN 16279
Rapid-Q 14019
Visual Basic 1 11394
XBasic 9833
Beginners 4898
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  • QBasic 1.1 EN

  • by Author:
  • Microsoft
  QBasic is an IDE and interpreter based on QuickBasic. Please note: an Interpreter translates and evaluate/run the source code immediately. In other words: QBasic cannot generate standalone executables (*.exe programs). To create *.exe files, you'll need a Compiler: look at DOS Compiler and Windows Compiler.  
  • QBasic 1.1 DE

  • by Author:
  • Microsoft
  See description for english version above.  



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