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All categories and subcategories that are available in the download area are listed below on this page. The most important download categories are: Compiler and Interpreter, Programming Libraries as well as Tools and Utilities. A solution for programming in QBasic and other DOS-based programming languages with modern operating systems (such as Windows 7) can be found here: DOS 6.22. In addition, the Tutorials section contains some basic instructions about programming in QBasic and QuickBasic. And Games programmed in QBasic have not been forgotten of course.

Top10 List

Here are the ten most popular Downloads:
Top10 Downloads
QBasic 4.5 EN 130792
QBasic 7.1 69462
Visual Basic for DOS 24286
MS DOS 6.22 22712
QBasic 4.5 DE 21797
QBasic 1.1 EN 16242
Rapid-Q 14007
Visual Basic 1 11376
XBasic 9816
Beginners 4892
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  • Compiler and Interpreter
QuickBasic Compiler: DOS Compiler
Windows Compiler: Windows Compiler
QBasic Interpreter: QBasic Interpreter
  • Tutorials and Manuals
Tutorials for Beginners: Beginners
Advanced Programming: Advanced
Graphics Programming: Graphics
Game Programming: Games
  • Programming Libraries
Games and Graphics: Graphics
Music and Sound: Sound
Various Libraries: Miscellaneous
  • DOS 6.22
Windows 7 and QBasic: DOS 6.22
  • Programming Tools and Utilities
Various Effects: GFX 1
Images, Sprites and Icons: GFX 2
Game and 3D Engines: GFX 3
Music and Sound Output: Sound
Calendar and Conversion: Mathematics 1
Fractals and Sort Routines: Mathematics 2
Mathematical Solutions: Mathematics 3
Files and Directories
File and Directory Handling: Files + Directories
Memory Handling: Miscellaneous 1
Encryption, Clocks, Timer: Miscellaneous 2
Source code formatting: Miscellaneous 3
  • QBasic Games
Platformers, Racing: Action A - G
Flight Simulation, Pacman: Action H - Q
Tron, Space Shooters: Action R - X
Card Games, Adventures: Strategy 4 - D
Sokoban, Tetris Clones: Strategy E - P
Maze Games, Puzzles: Strategy Q - Z
Roll Playing Games
QBasic RPG's: RPG
Game Collection: Miscellaneous

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